Wr250/300 Check your main seal!!!!

As some of you know I have had intermediate oil leek into the crank where it would load up with transition oil burn it up and go away for a few, miles then load up again. I finally had enough. After talking to my dealer as what to look for I tore the clutch side case off to take a look-see. What did I see….just as my dealer thought the main seal was in backwards, hence the intermediate leek. Luckily the seal is only $24 so I replaced it an now no leek. So all you 250 and 300 owners check it out I may be the same as mine.

Damn, Italians!!!!!!

I wish I could find a WR250/300 used down here, they are hard to find.

I wish I could find a WR250/300 used down here, they are hard to find.

:word: I actually want one with the marzocchi's. Although I keep seeing TC 450's on halls that are making me want to check some financing.

Hey Mancub, my buddy is having an issue with his '09 WR300, and he can't figure out what is causing it.

His bike seems to run fine for about 30-45 minutes, then starts to smoke like crazy and loses power. Did your bike have these symptoms?

Yes the very same thing.

what year 250/300s we talking about ?

2008 /10 - When the 300 came out.

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