Worth getting a privateers old bike?

I found a sick 2011 kx450f that was owned by a privateer. Says the bike only has 5.3 hours cause of an ongoing injury he has to sell. 17,500 invested from pro circuit and selling for 8,500. So worth it or not. I'd be using the bike for motocross and taking it to the dunes

I bet it would be fast as hell and well maintained. 5.3 hours is very little, go check it out.

Probably was well taken care of hopefully tuned right could either be a really solid bike or a fast bike that has higher maintenance level due to aftermarket eVerything. But could set it up how you want it. Do it

Ill list some of the mods and what he says


Stage 3 suspension(top of line)

Stage 3 race motor (runs with pump fuel and more reliable than stock)

Top and bottom triple clamps


Brake clevis

Axle blocks

Blue radiator hoses

Screen eliminator kit for intake


Clutch cover

Ti4r full pipe

All of that from procircuit then the other parts

Maxima pro filter oil cover and filter system

One off scar supercross footpegs

Renthal twin wall windham bend

Full hinson clutch

Renthal chain and sprocket

Sdg wedge seat

All stock and extra parts included

I dont know what to say other than wow. You might be better off buying the bike and parting it out for some cash, with all that that bike has its worth some money.:smirk:

I know I think the suspension alone costs almost as much as the bike haha

I usually would suggest anybody to run away from a pro's bike because although they do take great care of them, They get absolutely hammered. Being a 450, and with such low hours, I would say snatch that up before somebody else does.

Unless the suspension is setup for you're weight and riding style it shouldn't be a selling point to you. All that trick stuff they add on makes almost no difference. You'd still have to spend hundreds to respring and revalve the forks to you and you're riding style. Especially if the person you buy the bike from is much faster or much slower than you are when they had their forks setup.

Truth be told, that bike is not worth any more than any other used bike. Most of the parts you mention are bling.

If it truly has a race engine, it depends on what class the bike was ruin as far as the extent of the mods. It will cost more when time comes to service it as the parts are more expensive to keep the bike in the same level of performance.

Are you a pro level rider or do you plan to blast around on some trails?

At most, it is worth $6K, probably less.

I had a 03 YZ250 that was a privateers SX bike in the 03 season, I could barely give that bike away and it had PC everything including works suspension and looked and ran like brand new

If you got 8 grand to spend I would personnally just get a new bike. a new 450mx bike has more power than anyone needs at a amature level. start from scratch on a new bike and build it the way you want. you wont be any faster on that bike than a stock one execpt in long straight maybe. nothing against this guys bike but for the price of new I would go for new. Like what was posted above If you are not the same size as him and speed the revalve will not work the way its supposed to.

You guys are probably right, just got all excited cause the bike had so much stuff on it for as much as a new one. I probably wouldn't even come close to riding 450's to there full potential. So if I do go with an '11 anyone have any opinions on which one to get for lighest feeling and the best for a shorter rider

I got a kx and she's a bit of a pig have you looked into 250f or 250 2stroke

Ya heard that the kawis are heavy. I already own a 250f, I just need a bike that has more power for when I go to the dunes. Took the 250f and was wide open the whole time to the point it started spitting antifreeze

I know when I first started doing hairscrambles with my 450 I was spitting antifreeze to switched to engine ice and works good so far might get you through until you get a different bike.

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