2004 crf250r Idle issue HELP!

i have spent a few days trying to get my bike ready for a ride this monday. I have had the issue with it not strating. It now starts, however when i start it the choke is on sounds ok, when i hit the throttle it has a slow back off scares me to ride it like this. The current carb setup is: needle 1st position from top 150 main and 40 pilot jets. valves are good. i did mess with bending the float tab down to get it right. temp here in boise is roughly about 60 but hitting 75-80 this week. any suggestions??


Replace the pilot jet with a new one.

I actually bought that one new because the old one was black and nasty any other ideas?

New pilot installed, good.

Fuel screw in serviceable condition (oring/washer/spring there, screw tip perfect) and opened?

Fuel in tank new?

When you say "...when i hit the throttle it has a slow back off.... " what does that mean? Does it mean the bike does not return to idle?

Throttle cables have play?

Slide moves freely?

well when i hit throttle it rves high but slow after my hand is off it the cable i believe have play im checking the fuel screw now. slide moves freely when bike is not running it will snap open closed very fast but when running its like it tends to hang. could this be sticking floats should i mess with them instead? ill repost in about 40 min after i re run it tell you all results.

so i switched the needle to the 3rd position and i did have the slider door flat side up and it was slow to come back down switched it and it pops open and closed very well now. about to run it see how it performs with my new jets in and needle position. i will make my final summer adjustments after dynojet emails back and post them here.

well its kinda crapy now the bike wont fire one bit have spark and have clean gas i put the neetle setting to 1 from top for the needle. it hopefully will fire tomarrow. my valves are within spec crazy well we shall see.

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