Filter oiling idea

Today I was oiling my filter, and besides it being one of the hardest and messiest things, I had an idea of a easy, not so messy way to:banana: So, my idea is, get one of those clear buckets that you can put lids on, buy a 1/2 gallon of No-Toil(what I run), fill the bucket, and leave it in there. And when you go to oil the filter, dip it in the bucket, squeeze it out over the bucket, so no excess goes to waste, then pop the lid on and store it. It seems pretty fool proof and amazing to me.haha Just wanted to know what you guys thought, or have done it before.

^yes, that's how you're supposed to do it.

Been covered/suggested many many times. i would bet 70% of offroad riders do it this way!


Damn, don't feel so smart anymore. Haha that's sick. I never understood how the no toil guy did it. I only got two uses out of the small bottles :smirk:

^ for no-toil they say that u should be able to oil a filter with 2 oz's. so a 16 oz. bottle supposedly does 8 filters. I personally think it takes a little more than that tho. on no-toil's video they just say to pour 2 oz's inside the filter and massage it in.

So far I'm getting 5 filters from a regular bottle of No-Toil.

what I use for a bucket......actually I use 2 of them. One with the filter oil (Belray) and one with kerosene to break down/ remove the oil from the filter before washing with soap and water.


I use a foaming aerosol spray I get from a local Kawasaki dealer. It says Kawasaki on the can, but in the fine print on the back it says made by No-Toil. It foams a lot, and covers real well.

I stick mine in a ZipLock bag with some filter oil, close it and squish it around with my hands. Zero mess.

And I can leave it in the bag, pre-oiled until I need it.


I have tried about every method. None of them were comfortable or easy. They were like a life mission.haha But im gonna try this idea. I dont think it gets much easier than dip and squeeze.haha

+1 on the zip lock

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