Chain Roller Hole

well i bought the bike and then read about the chain roller problem. i went to remove the chain roller and i couldnt find it...sure enough, it was gone and a hole was all that was left.

so i had a tube of the clay type jb weld and i patched it up to keep the water out. the structural implications seem to be minimal so i am gonna ride it like this until the winter and ill tear it apart and weld it up.


heres a picture of the jb welded diaster.

Yup, I've read of a handful of upper rollers that went AWOL. I like many others were fortunate enough to have read and learned that these things need to be removed before disaster hits. Well, at least you know where you stand with your DR. It will probably never be a problem, but welding it up should certainly put your mind at ease. Enjoy your DR!


Let me assure you it's WAY more than a handful of upper rollers that have been decapitated ripping a large hole in the frame. You did well heading the warning. Montana1... sorry your machine fell victim to the upper roller curse.. you join a large group of broken framed DR650 riders. They normally tear out in a jagged fashion which makes the likelihood of the frame continuing to crack very real. :smirk: I'd get it welded up....

Hey mx_rob, I guess it is a large number of DR's that have had this happen to. I've only read the threads here. Hopefully, more DR owners will find TT and get the heads up on the upper roller. This forum has been more than a PHENOMENAL wealth of info for new DR650 owners and new riders like me. Learn something new most every day.


I was lucky . When I checked my upper roller , it was still there but had obviously been rubbing and had melted considerbly . I removed it and filled the hole with silicone .

I have always kept my chain adjusted and never had a problem with my upper roller. However, after reading all the horror stories I removed it, though it wasn't worn that bad after 9000 miles of mostly offroad, mostly gnarly, many many jumps, and a few enduros. A little silicone and it's all good. My experience is different than most others apparently...

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