bought a xr650l!!! warning kind of a long read

Well after a ton of research and a couple of questions I asked a while ago I found a 2008 xr650l bone stock with 670 miles on it at the end of october 2010 the guy was firm at 3700 bucks so I grabbed it. My whole motorcycle street life I have had sport bikes from 600s to liter bikes my last being a rc51 for the last 6 years, I grew up on dirt bikes however, and they are in my blood I have had lots of them to. Let me just say I freaken love this bike i ride it a ton i just rolled over 4000 miles on it since october I have added a clarke 4.7, heavy duty manrack, slipstreamer windscreen, grip heaters, i have a rad cush hub sitting in my garage just waiting for my new tires to get here and get it all laced up. I richend the jetting just a bit it was lean the air box is still plugged up and I have the stock filter still inside(i due plan to uncork in the near future though) plug is light brown I get 55 miles to the gallon in the city and a little over 60 on straight long highway runs is runs very smooth at 65-70 no hesitations no hiccups, and no back firing she runs like a top. In fact i love this bike so much I just didn't want to ride my rc51 anymore so I sold it. The xr650l is now my street/dual sport machine i commute on everyday. I quickly realized however that the 650l was gonna be hard to do offroad the way I like to do it sometimes, so I just decided what the hell lets keep the 650l as my commuter/adventure touring bike and get a full blown bad boy dirt bike so I bought a almost mint 2000 xr650r:smirk: with all the goodies on it full white brothers tunning disc exhaust, scotts steering damper and pro tapers, and upper clamps, pro valve suspension tuned front and rear its uncorked of course, and I have a 4.3 gallon tank that came with the bike and alot of other stuff for 2600 bucks this thing is a flat out a beast and all of my 5'9 inch 160 lbs body loves every minute of it so there you have it im gonna have some fun this summer:ride:

Very cool, welcome to the club.

That R is going to wear your a** out. :smirk:

As far as the R helps to sew velcro on your pants..

Just sayn'


do u have a center stand on the R?

that is what i want to get next an xr650r. does it handle good in the dirt, anything you dont like about it?

no thats a regular motorcycle stand

craftsman yes it handles good with the suspension mods I have to set the sag but i can flat out rip on this thing I have no problems hanging with my buddies on there 450s it its pretty heavy but it doesn't bother me I race mountain bikes so I am pretty fit I have had it out twice already once for about 30 miles of tight double track and then again in a sloppy mud fest for about 40 miles that day. Not really anything I do not like about it other than it going to be hard to get a rear tire to last on this thing:thumbsup:

Id like to have both lol. But I'm about to pull the trigger on an 650R on Craigslist also. Have had my eye on the same one for 2 months now. Just need to scrape up a few more dollars. I've seen a bunch come and go over the last few months. And the price appears to be going up which is weird. Gotta wake up early for summer rides in AZ.

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