Problem child klx 250

I have a 94 KLX 250 which will start run 2 minutes, die and not start again until it cools down. If you push start the bike and get the rpm fast enought it will restart if you hold it wide open. This bike has a new stator, coil, computer modual, voltage regulator, and valves touched up and new rings. I rebuilt the carb several times, used new standard jets, set the float to the book. I have great spark but the plug is wet when it dies. I also unhooked the kill switch. I really feel it is flooding out but not sure why. Any one have any sugestions.

Open to any thoughts


I dunno anything about the 94, but try opening the gas cap and see what it does. If that bike has a vented cap and it's clogged, that would describe what is ailing your bike.

mfrank, it does sound like flooding with your wet plug description. Did you do all those service issues in one big step? With as many service issues that you addressed at one time, it may be a challenge to feret out what happened. Otherwise, you apply the old rule of going back to the last thing you fixed or worked on before the problem arose. If you have someone who would let you try their untouched OEM carb for a few minutes, you might eliminate that issue and move on to the other service/repair issues you did.

Any news mfrank?

I have a vented gas cap, but tried it just the same. Cap off ran 2 minutes died. pulled gas line off the tank, gas ran out on the floor. Open float bowl drain gas ran out. I even check the air filter to make sure it was not plugged even though it is new. After running two minutes, I pulled the plug after it died, kicked it over and no gas blew out, so now i am not sure if it is flooding. After doing some carb reading up thinking the pilot valve may be part of the problem.. I have been fighting this bike for one year now. I will be pushing it in the corner until next weekend.

I would guess your exhaust is plugged. The old potato in the pipe trick. Dont laugh got me>

No I didnt have the potato as such but it confused me for a bit.

seriously bike would run premo, then die someone heard a hissing noise which led to trapped exhaust in the plugged muffler.

run it open header. see what happens.

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