Put a WR lighting system on and now my bike turned into a hard starter.

Ok so I got my conversion done all WR wiring and lighting. Now my bike turned from a reliable 2 throttle pump 1 kick bike. Tonight I went to ride it (50 degree's) Pumped the throttle kicked it like 6 times, nothing. Tried choke, nothing so I tried hot start and throttle wide open, nothing. Pumped the throttle like 9 times popped once, then thinking I flooded it tried the hotstart, still nothing then I tried choking and pumping throttle, nothing. So I tired throttle open again forgetting that the choke was on and it fired up. Then it died, so I pumped it again and then help it wide open with the choke on and it fired up and I was able to keep it running.

I'm pretty sure it's carb. But are the timing curve's different enough to cause issues?

I need to go through the carb but what could be causing this issue?

My bike is an 06 YZ450

Are you running a battery?

Are you running WR wiring and CDI, or was the stator modified for the YZ CDI?

All Wr stuff, CDI, IGN coil, completely new wiring, battery, WR Ign switch, the whole shabang. The battery is charged and working fine.

And the spark plug?

It's the one that my YZ has had in it forever. Should I put a new one in it? it's still in great shape externally. Look's great.

get a Irridium sparkplug, should fix it right up, best spark plugs you can buy, and they do make a difference,..... they arent really that much money any how ha ha like 12$ for 2, but they are garanteed for 150k + miles or somethin, they have ALOT stronger spark, if you google about them you will get the full details of them, they are 100% worth the money from my experience and i run only them in my engines

Ok I think that my pilot was the problem, when it was hooked up behind my truck yesterday I noticed that the pilot screw wasn't quite where it was supposed to be. I screwed it back in and it seem's better. But I will grab a new plug and throw in it because it probably need's it. It sure is popping mid range and high range more than it used to so I'm going to throw in a bigger main. see what I get. I also noticed gray's post on another thread about cleaning the accelerator pump bowl mine was sitting for a while during the rebuild so I think I'll look at that too.

Thanks for the help


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