Oil drain plug to tight and bent filter?

The bottom oil drain plug on my 06 sxf250 is to tight to loosen. I dont want to strip it since its one of those allen keys. Any suggestions on how to loosen it?

Also when I went to change the oil last time on of the oil plug bolt filter things were bent right in the middle. Anyone have any clue why this happened?

Give the drain plug a couple good taps with a hammer, that may help loosen it up, then do not tighten it very tight when you put it on.

yeah tap it with a hammer. and once it's out throw it in the trash and buy one that you can put a socket on. i forgot what company sells them but do a search. my next oil change i'm buying one. you lost me about the bent bolt. are you talking about the two bolts that hold the oil filter cover? if so and it bent go buy a new one and you should tap out the threads to make sure you didnt cross thread anything.

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