2001 wr426f-should i or should'nt i ?

i am considering a 2001 wr426,i would have

to sell my 1996 honda xr600r and my 1992

yamaha yz250 to do this. i use the honda

for dual-sport,and the yz for single track.

the wr would be my do it all bike, what i

want to know is, do you guy's that own wr's

think i would be happy with this bike? any

input anybody can give me would be greatly


I will sum it up in one word. YES

first, a plated wr400 will be lighter and faster than a xr600. The only advantage of the 600 is confort (softer seat). On the other side, a recent yz would be better on a track but for a 1992 I have no idea. I had a 650 before and I wouln't go back for those heavy bike. Even the 400 seems heavy compared to a recent 250.

Oh Yes !!!!!


It really Is a good decision you are making. Its the Coolest Machine Ive ever ridden.

Its An awesome bike. Lots of power, Unreal Suspension, and alot of other features like "brutish but controlled power", and Comfortable layout.

As The other guys say.. YES..

I wouldnt trade my WR for anything.


Since the purchase of a 2000 WR400f

I have not ridden my 93 xr600r.

Did not ride a 85 xr350r or 2000 ktm 380exc that where stored at my house for most of last year. Each time I would ride I would have to choose a bike, and I always took the WR400, there was no comparison.

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