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Determining detailed model name f.e. XT500E

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The letters C,D,E,F,G and H are Yamaha factory codes for the model years.

C = 1976

D = 1977

E = 1978

F = 1979

G = 1980

H = 1981.

This is true throughout the world with Yamaha motorcycles.

What you need to do is use the VIN stamped into your frame to determine the model year.

If you know a savy Yamaha dealer, somebody there can find out.

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It may be even easier: over here in the US, there is a sticker on the steering head that has the VIN and compliance info, and the manufacture date. If yours has that, you can tell from it.

YZ did a nice job with the years. They started the letter thing in '74, prior to that it was DT1= '68, DT1B=69, DT1C= 70, DT1E=71, DT2=72,DT3=73. D's were 250s, As were 125s, Cs were 175/180/200s, Gs were 80cc, Rs were 350s. You had to know the year of the first of the model for it to make sense, as they all didn't start the same. AT1 125 Enduro fist year was 69, AT1B was 1970. Didn't follow the DT line at all. Then there was DSxxx would have been a street bike, 250cc. I could go on, but you're probably already starting to have your eyes roll up in your head.

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