Rear Brake Pads-odd wear?

While double checking my bike tonight, before my first competition ever, I noticed a problem.

The outer rear brake pad is worn down to nothing....while the inner still looks somewhat new. Is this normal wear? I looked over the caliper mounts, sliders, etc and all look to be in good order.

Luckily I have 4 hours before the competition tomorrow to throw another set in.

Caliper must be seized. If only one pad is wearing, you are only getting 50% of your braking power.

Im going to guess it was a pad failure. Just the metal backing is left. The caliper was definitely not siezed. I pushed it in by hand to remove the pads.

Yep, that wouldn't be the first time

Right on. It will be the last time I run EBC reds.

Maybe you just pushed the piston back in?

The caliper needs to slide on the pins inside the rubber boots too. Check it.

And the pad holder pin needs to be perfectly smooth and free of knicks or burrs, or the pads will bind.

I checked everything. I had the assembly off the bike about a month ago to install a rear disc guard/carrier(Moose) . I serviced everything then. I rechecked today....Caliper pins are mint with clean grease inside. They move freely. The pad pin is also mint...not a spec or burr on it and the wheel spins freely.

EBC fail.

I guess I could add,

I measured the friction material left on the inner pad vs. the new pads I picked up today. I had about 85% left on it while the other side fell off. Lame sauce,lol.

EBC fail.

Must be. Funny thing is that in my browser an EBC ad popped up next to your post telling me to buy EBC brakes...:smirk: Maybe just maybe I won´t...

That is ironic,lol.

Although I bought another set of EBC's. Sintered this time though.

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