How much extra DOES a YZ's stator give?

I know it doesn't have enough oomph to power a traditional headlight without burning up in short order, but I have a few Surefire tactical flashlights that are pretty dang bright. They can run off of a pair of CR123 batteries (3 volt) for a few hours. I have an LED mini scout light on one of my rifles and it is especially bright. It will run for 1.3 hours on a set of CR123. A single CR123 battery will last about 30 minutes at 2 amps. So let's say worst case, the LED is drawing 2 amps at 3 volts, that's 6 watts per LED.

How much, if any, extra power is available form the stator on a YZ250F?

I've seen a few after market stators that are supposed to provide 35-45w, that would be more than plenty to power a couple LEDs.

There are no lighting coils on the stator. You might be able to wind a little wire around the poles and get some power. The problem I had was the Moose stator had too many windings and it shorted to the flywheel hub, so you can't put many turns on it. I don't think you can tap off the existing without jeopardizing your CDI.

Thanks for the info. Do you know of any good aftermarket stators that have a little juice for accessories?

Looks like Baja designs makes an external one that supplies 180W (!) That's plenty of power, but it looks like it makes the engine quite a bit wider.

ElectroSport makes a 35w stator. That seems about perfect. It isn't that expensive either but I don't want to buy something that will just burn up after a few hours...

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