Hi guys great forum, bought a rough 06 registered wr250 around 3 months ago and have been bringing it back to mint condition when the parts are coming available through eBay.

So far the bike has been stripped to bare frame, Painted, new bearings in swingarm, wheels, headrace, barrel removed and piwervalves set up as they were way out, originally set up for more midrange/ topend.

Bought an acewell digital speedo brand new from a gas gas, nice bit of kit that I had on my drze before

All new red and White plastics and some trick zeta bits fitted. Still required is late black or White headlight and taillight assembly and also a mint front pipe, mine is battered.

Found out that the loom and switchgear is a drc ez effort, doesn't look too bad but was hoping to connect to original coil, anyone done the ac dc thing ?

Will post pics later, thanks guys

Hi Ade,

and welcome to TT ,

there is a real mine of Information here,

A lot of the folks here ( mainly 2 strokes) have been with husky since the last millennium,

But with the popularity of the WR300 ( very similar to your '06 250) ,

and the e-start 4-strokes there are LOADS of people new to Husky also.

A lot of the things raised on here are not too relevant outside of the US ,

but it's a great place for " husky togetherness":thumbsup:

Charlie - Oxford

I used a bridge rectifier on a wr 360 works very well.I just paralleled the head light cct.Also added the smallest sealed 12v batt. I could find just to smooth out the low rpm flicker.

good luck Dave

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