After or OEM Gasket Kit


I was looking for a complete gasket kit for the KLX450R 08. I tried looking on the OEM parts list but I'm not sure what I need. So if any can point me in the right direction.


There's a lot of gasket kits on EBay although they're not OEM. I wouldn't be afraid to use aftermarket gasket kits from a known manufacturer. Just do a search for [klx450r gasket] on ebay and you'll see them:thumbsup:

OEM gaskets are typically superior quality FWIW

Aftermarket is alright, but the cometic head gaskets typically suck, very badly

Thanks for that, I'll check it out.

With OEM they don't seem to have a kit, so you need to know what ones you need, with my limited mechanical ability it's too hard to go OEM.


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