Rekluse with LHRB ?

Any of you guys run a Rekluse with a left hand rear brake ?

One of my riding buds is taking a look at a setup like this.

My understanding (could be entirely wrong here) is the low budget Rekluse is usable with the stock clutch, but when the bike is at idle in gear, the stock clutch lever is under no tension at all, as in the pull feels like the cable is broken.

If you go to a Rekluse and would still like to retain the feel of the stock clutch, even when idling in gear, you have to go up to the Core EXP.

This being the case, I can see some use to a left hand rear brake, especially on switchbacks and the like.

Is the LHRB worth the effort/expense ? Is there a way to retain the feel of the stock clutch when using the least expensive version of the Rekluse ?

The main reason I ask is because I think it would take more than a short ride on a buds bike to get a real feel of how the auto clutch affects/helps your ride.

For me, using an auto clutch would take some adjustment to my riding habit that would likely take a few hours of riding time to commit to reflex memory.

I've read the Rekluse low end setup is a fantastic addition to a bike for tight single track. Next weekend we have a seriously brutal course to race and my bud thinks the Rekluse will help him ride longer without fading or experiencing arm pump as soon.

Can someone shed some light on my (possibly wrong) cursory understanding of the Rekluse ?

I run the Z start-pro on an '09 WR250F, with LHRB and clutch over-ride lever. IMO superb set-up. Any Q's....feel free.

Heres a pic...


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