Getting ready to sell

I have a 07 and I have got the ktm bug and I am going to sell my 150. I have a lot of upgrades, not bling stuff but function stuff. I still have most of the factory stuff minus stock tank. Would I do better to put it back as close to factory and sell the other parts. or sell the bike as is? I would leave the engine parts alone. Things like the fox podium shock and the QTM oversize front brake are the things i have considered selling off. What do ya'll think?

You have to decide if it's worth your time and hassle, but you normally will make more money selling the parts separate. My theory(maybe completely off) is that you normally don't get more money for a bike with extras, but extras MAY help to sell it over another bike priced similarly(tough to spell).

Offer it for one price with the mods and extra's and another price stock.

99% of the time you'll do better parting and returning to stock. Buyers typically don't care what you did. They are going to point at the stocker for $800 less and ask you what your issue is.

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