Computer Advice

Looking to add a computer system to my CRF. I am aware that there are multiple manufacturers out there. I am currently stuck between the TrailTech Vapor or the AceWell.

The key things I am looking for is:

Tach, Speed, Mileage, Hrs. Engine Temp would be nice as well.

Any advice or input would be greatly appreciated.

During my research I came across the a computer made by AceWell

Per this OEM on the Australian model CRF450X. Have any of you ever seen this brand or have it on your bike?


I have the Vapor on my 450R. Saved me from overheating more than once in the woods before.

How hard is the install for the temp sensor? I am guessing you have to break somewhere into the water line.

Thanks for your post.

You just cut one of the hoses, and put the sensor in with the provided clamps. Was not a big deal.

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