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Looking to add a computer system to my CRF. I am aware that there are multiple manufacturers out there. I am currently stuck between the TrailTech Vapor or the AceWell.

The key things I am looking for is:

Tach, Speed, Mileage, Hrs. Engine Temp would be nice as well.

Any advice or input would be greatly appreciated.

During my research I came across the a computer made by AceWell

Per this OEM on the Australian model CRF450X. Have any of you ever seen this brand or have it on your bike?


Ive only had experience with one acewell and one trail tech. Needless to say the trail tech in still working.....

The acewell has a lot of cool features. It was a pain to install and only lasted around 3 months.

The trail tech ran off a battery, was easy to intall but i could never remember how th get in and out of all the features.

If i had to do it again the trail tech is the one.

We installed the Vector unit on our 2009 CRF 250X and have been very happy with it so far (one year but only 10 hours). We had trouble with the speedometer function because I didn't read the directions on the cable routing - don't kink or twist the cable or it quites working. Route it all the way up to the front brake master cylinder, per the instructions. The instructions for mounting the sensor to the brake caliper mount are poor, it took me some time to figure it out. The picture and instructions were really lousy. Overall though we really like the unit and the temperature light functions are cool. Probably would have ordered the Vapor if I was doing it over but didn't want to spend the $ at the time. Also would definitely recommend the billet protector to mount the unit - it looks factory. Overall rating A-.

I've got a son an Endurance. We've had trouble with the Endurance and so has a friend I know and it seems like many online. My Vapor has been perfect. I too got their billet top mount. There are threads for mounting it and wires to connect to.

(my screen name back then was daveindenver).


Thanks dmac1

That link was very helpful. As for mounting I will have to customize mine as well. I have removed my 250x speedo as my bike came with Talon hubs from a 250r which does not have the speedo.

Also the guys right in your back yard at Highway Dirtbikes make some awesome billet protectors as well. This will be the one I buy for sure once I get my new Vapor.

Plus they make some great hand guards as well that I definitely will install if something ever happens to my Cycra's.

Vapor here as well. Very happy with it. Only complaint is that the power wire is pretty short. I barely got it to reach from the battery to the computer.

I'm very happy with my Trail Tech Striker. I love having the engine temperature readout so I know when I'm close to boiling over.

don't tap into the headlight wiring, it's AC

I tapped into a wire up in the front instead of running all the way back to the back. It was easy tap in from the wiring diagram that I found on this message board somewhere. Keep looking and I'll try to find out which wire in the meantime.

My screen name was daveindenver back then and the power wire is discussed in this thread:

As I recall...I pulled a plug far enough apart to be able to tap into the wire, then pushed the plug back together. :smirk: I can find the pic and repost if needed. Let me know. PM would be best.

I did not like the wires going all the way back to the battery and severed one when tightening one of the bolts at the subframe pivot point...then moved the power and ground to the front.


I found the wire. Check out keithpincock's post toward the bottom of the page of this thread. It's a black/red wire...and there is a wiring diagram linked too. I used one of the wire splice connectors that pinches over the existing wire without cutting the wire and taps into it at the same time. I wish I knew the name of those can pick them up in any automotive parts store.


Here is the red Vapor power wire hooked into the plug just behind the light that the black w/ red stripe from the clutch switch goes to. I pulled the plug apart some, stripped the Vapor wire about 1 1/2" and wrapped it around the copper connector that is inside the plug and pushed it all back together. Be careful because there is a wire apparently soldered or something to the copper connector which on mine, just pulled along with it when I pulled it out, then I pushed it all back together with the little black plug last as a water seal. It sorta similar to how the connection to the coil goes. I think I'll wrap it in electrical tape too just to be safe. Before I connected anything, I used my voltmeter as Keith suggested to make sure there was power and things would work.


Here is the ground wire going to the screw where the speedo bracket was on the right side of the lower triple clamp.


I also installed some slightly longer bolts in the top of the bar mount to ensure greater depth than via just the stock bolts. I got them at an Ace hardware store. I also bought some phillips head bolts, a couple washers and acrorn nuts to hold just the wiring bracket to where the stock speedometer was. You can see it in the pic of the underside of the Top Mount.



Heres a pic of mine in the top mount.



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