Can 2008 YZ250F forks be used on a 2004 YZ450F

I have access to a set of 2008 YZ250F forks and I'd like to know if they would be an upgrade to those forks currently on my 2004 YZ450F. Nothing really wrong with my forks other than the anodizing is in rough shape.... and that I liked the action of the forks on the 08.

Nothing really wrong with my forks ...
Except that they don't work very well compared to the later stuff.

Yes, you can run the '08 250 fork, BUT you will have to use the '08 triple clamps, and that might mean swapping the steering stems to get the length right, and you might have to rework the steering stops.

You would also have to use the brake caliper and master cylinder from the '08.

Spring rates would likely be too light, also, and they would need to be revalved.

Find a set from an '06-'07 YZ450 and more or less bolt the whole assembly straight on, clamps and all.

I figured I'd have to swap the triple clamps and all, but I am unsure about the geometry and how it would be effected.

The 08 YZ250F donor bike basically has broken cases, broken pipe, and other associated carnage from a starting line pile up. This carnage along with the fact that it needs a valve job and it's time for the crank to be replaced makes me think that it is not worth investing the cash into it. (I could essentially use it for a parts bike for my other 2 08 250 f's)

So you think I should look at the 06 or 07 450 front end instead due to geometry issues?


So you think I should look at the 06 or 07 450 front end instead due to geometry issues?

No. Other than the triple clamp and axle offset, which are the same as the '06, or the '04 for that matter, the forks have no geometry of their own. The reason I suggested the earlier set was the matter of needing the '08 front brake system to complete the swap, but as you have the entire '08 to work with, that doesn't matter. Use the fork if you want to, it will work.

The shock is also an upgrade on the '08, although not to the same extent as the fork.

Thanks Grayracer - Looks like I'll be doing the swap then. I'll have to find a set of springs and valving spec's next and go from there.

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