KTM 250sxf 2011 missing power!

I was outnon the track today and after about 2,5 laps my bike was making some backfiring and it lost Its power completely.. There was no nosie from the engine and it starts up easily. But it does not run correctly, backfires and have no power. I also noticed that if i turn the idle screw, the idle speed does not change. If i pull the screw out, no idle change then either.. Something is clearly wrong, has anyone had i bike doing this kind of strange things? The bike has been running great for about 10 hrs..


Most likely a blocked injector. Can be cleaned or replaced and get the new inline filter. There are a number of posts to help out how to clean the injector.

Just thought i would give you an update.

On the 28th of may my bike starting acting up on me and after SEVERAL (about 5) visits at my dealers workshop i called up KTM directly. This was in the beginning of august..

1,5 weeks later a KTM 2012 250sxf arrived and i just switched bikes .. They just couldn´t figure out what was wrong with my 2011, they changed most parts including gastank and some of the electric components ..

So, the good news, the new bike is running great .. the bad news, no riding for about 3 months this year for me cause of the 2011 bike problem .. Should i be happy or pissed off? .. They were lucky i didn´t plan on competing this year but if i get ONE problem with the new bike, there will be a switch in color of the bike..


Thats a bit rough if you ask me!No bike should take more than a week to repair.If it does they clearly have no idea what the problem is. Keep us updated on how your 12 goes, im looking to picking one up hopefully monday or tuesday. Im a long time yz 250f man but yamaha not updating the 10yr old motor forced me to change colour. I hope i the ktm has the same reliability im use to.......

I agree! .. Will do! So far the bike is running like a charm. I can also recommend FMF Titanium 4.1 Megabomb, the bike runs REALLY welll with the FMF .. Hope you will enjoy your KTM and that it works out for you!

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