hooligan mod

well im in the process of rounding up all the parts i need for this project and so for i have a pair of 93 rf600 wheels complete with the rotors and the drive hub , what im wondering isi see everybody is useing a gs500 drive hubs and im wondering what is different with that hub verses the rf600 hub ? is it the thickness of it ? its hard to see in any pics i have seen of the gs hub if its thinner ? any other tips would be great i allready contacted planedr and he sent me his list just looking for every little tip i can find. thanks curt

RF hub will need a lot of milling down.

Gs 500 is probably an inch narrower. i have one of each and will let you know. With the gs hub I only needed one shim washer to get it all lined up.

Check the thickness of your brake rotors and make sure they will fit into the calipers. Some older wheels that i looked at are too thick to work.

thanks guys i kinda figured the gs would be narrower but i didnt have any idea about how much , i wanted to get all my parts together then make a list of what needs machineing and get it all done at once and i figured i would have to cut the rotors. thanks again curt.

Anybody make a radial caliper adapter for the DRZ fork?

I think we are all running a flat plate style bracket for the oem caliper. What did you have in mind for "radical"? I would like to run a true smoto 4pot but i don't have the cash to gamble on an experiment that requires a new master also.

If anyone needs pics just pm me, it might inspire you to create a better design/solution!

Just wondering if anyone has used 89 zx7r wheels. Looking on the wiki about the bike it looks like they will fit maybe too narrow to really gain anything. Also does anyone know how much modification/fabrication would have to be done? I do have access to a lathe and mill drill.


Never mind. Looks like the rear its too wide

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I'm looking to start this project and have researched a little. It looks like guys over in europe are using Honda CBR250RR wheels from later modles. I have had zero luck finding those wheels. GS500 wheels the best way to go? Still using the OEM brakes with the mod?

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