Broken hub


I'm looking for a rear hub (excel) and my bike is an 09' yz 250

Does anyone know any stores which sell hubs?

In Norway they are really expensive so I'm hoping I might be able save some money...


I've had better days

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Aftermarket hub will likely be cheaper for you, or try fleabay.

In the future, make sure your sprocket bolts are tight, and your chain is not too tight.

Damn that sucks man my buddies ktm did the same thing and he ended getting on ebay and getting another whole wheel. Hope it works out for you man.

Thank you

I'll never by cheapest sprocket bolts available again. I've an extra rear wheel so it's not the end of the world...

I couldn't find hubs on fleabay only whole wheels..

Does a hub from another maker fit the wheel?

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