Chain and Chain Tool Questions

I ride mostly desert trails on my 400-S. It's pretty much stock except for minor intake and exhaust mods. My chain and sprockets need replacement. I took a look at all the chains last night and figured I need a 520 112 link. I see DID and Renthal seems to have good ratings on their O-ring and X-ring chains. Any thoughts on these brands? What do you run?

What tools do I need to install one of these chains?

What chain tools should I be riding with as a minimum for longer loops in the desert?

Thanks. See you out there.

Both are good chains. I use RK X ring. Your original chain has no master link so you will need to cut it off or use a "chain breaker". Motion Pro sells a good one for about $30. You will also need a chain "press" to push the new clip type master link together. You can improvise with vise grips and a 6mm nut. I cary a replacement clip type master link for trailside repair but have never needed one in 30 years.

I run the DID x-ring vm. I bought a breaker and press. They were $25 total. I also pack around spare master links I never use. It's like polar bear repelant.

DID needs it's own master link though, if I recal correctly so if you run something like the VM order a couple spares when you order the chain.

DID X ring. I use a clip type master link & cary a spare, never had to use a spare but I like having it.

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