02 TTR 125 crankcase leak

I was going to replace a gasket today on my crankcase from an oil leak and i found these 2 small dents in it. It seems that it could be the cause of the leak but i only found oil from a bit lower at the bottom right of the picture. Also they are pretty clean and have no metal or folds around them so i was wondering if that could be it. please help and any recomandations on how to fix it if thats the problem would help :s?action=view&current=013.jpg if picture dosnt show up go here http://s1116.photobucket.com/albums/k562/flclfayev/?action=view&current=013.jpg

anyone??? :s i get my new gaskets this friday or monday

I would put some epoxy like jb weld on the parts and let it cure before putting the sealer on the surfaces. It is possible that the sealer might fill the space but maybe not. Did someone take a screw driver to it.

thanks for the advice i will try that. but as far as my knowledge go's i do not believe it was a screw driver because there are the same 2 marks but smaller on the crankcase cover and by the way the 2 dents are increased dramitcly in the picture

jb weld works like magic several rides later and its held up fine no leak whatsoever :thumbsup: !!!!!!!!

Good to hear. I JB welded my kid's oil drain plug with a new new helicoil, and it worked like a charm. Good stuff.


Yea i used jb weld to fix some fairings on my ex500 as well its like magic lol several rides later and heat and tons of mud and water havnt done anything to it.

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