Jump directly after corner, can't get the speed.

My local track has a section that goes 180 degree corner (with a berm) then directly after with maybe 2 bike lengths or perhaps a spot more there is a table top thats probably 30-40 ish feet then another table directly after that that is about the same size. I can not for the life of me manage to get this section down; I don't think I've seen anyone else do it either, everyone just kind of bounces through it best they can. With a section like this what is the best way to approach it, try and roll the throttle on through the berm or just carry more speed into the corner? I'm riding an 07 yz450 so the bike is MORE than capable of it however my throttle control is a long ways behind my bike handling skills which causes me to struggle with sections with short run ups to the jumps. The ground is kind of sandy but mostly hardpack in this area most of the time.

Any suggestions for stuff to try?

It sounds like its your corner speed (which is really just plain old bike speed, you just happen to be in a corner).

Try going up one gear but work the clutch to keep the engine in the power band. Practice the turn only and roll the jump. Try different lines each lap until you find the fastest exit. Once you think you've got it, try the jump.

Sometimes the track just will not allow you to make it. If the traction isn't there, there is not much you can do about it.

I have this exact same problem. A track near me has a 20-25ish double right out of a 90 degree left hander. I tried and tried but always ended up casing the thing. I finally found enough exit speed and was just "clipping" the rear tire when landing. Well, this wasn't good enough. Pinned it a little harder, rear tire broke loose on the face, massive whip, cased it, seeing stars.......... This little episode jacked my ankle up pretty good. It just wasn't meant to be that day. Hard packed, surface cracked, with a nice thick layer of "moon dust" on top.

That's much like the dirt I am working with here. I had a conversation with a guy that rides the track and races the pro class, he says all the fast guys cut the inside line on the corner, roll the jump and pump down the landing then roll on the throttle and clear the second one rather than dicking around trying to clear both. I think I am going to give that a try if the track is dry again today. Got lots of rain last week though so it might actually be in half decent shape.

Thanks for the tips!

Playing with your spocket size is also an option. I'm going to go up a tooth to make more use of the engine on the tighter tracks.

have you tried seat bouncing the first table top out of corner? try getting a good drive out of corner and stay seated up the face of jump, then when bike leaves jump face stand up and prepare for next jump, might want to practice on smaller jumps first to get a feel fot it. we had a step up right out of a corner and the only way to clear it was to seat bounce it.

Yeah I'm not quite sure I am ready for seat bouncing yet, see how it goes on a smaller jump though.

try shifting up one gear and agressive RPMs through the corner by feathering the clutch

Are you talking about the 2 tables after the downhill on the Hill track at Blackfoot? That one was making me mad cuz at first cuz if you come up short on the first table you bounce off it and have no drive for the 2nd, and if you come up short on the second it can be hard to make the following left turn.

I'll fire you off a PM next time I go there which is hopefully soon and maybe we can go do some laps.

Don't doubt your bike though...taking the furthest outside line my yz125 can clear both.

Haha actually I just sent you a PM after seeing your response to my thread in the vids section posting that crash.

I think you may have read over the part where I say the bike is MORE than capable of doing it; I am fully aware that it is entirely my throttle and clutch control thats limiting my ability to do er, I just haven't been on this bike long enough to get the more technical throttle stuff down yet.

One thing I've learned; rarely is it the bikes fault.

If it is the hill track tables you are talking about, I had the same problem last year and even started a thread on another forum about it.

What I'd do is try to practice turns with berms. You can use them to go faster than a flat corner so that you can carry more speed coming in, then carry your momentum thru until the jump.

I've never done that jump on a 450 but maybe you could also try entering wide then squaring it up so that you get as long of a straight run at it as you can.

Just keep practicing is my best suggestion. The more you ride, the more comfortable you will get with the throttle/clutch/handling and I'm guessing it won't be long til you start clearing it.

yeah sorry I meant to confirm that they are the two tables on the hill track. I got some cornering tips the other day from a guy I ran into at the track, I'll apply those with what you guys have told me and hopefully get somewhere with it.

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