no spark on 82 xr100

I can't seem to get any spark on the bike. I changed the coil out with a good one and still no spark. I ordered new points, but would bad points give me no spark at all? I'm not the best mechanic but I am trying to learn to do as much as possible myself. I'm puzzled, does any body have any suggestions? Thanks from a frustrated backyard mechanic.

bad points give me no spark at all??

Yes. They will not create a spark if dirty, ill timed or gapped wrong. Remove the flywheel and take them off, clean them real good with a file until they are shiny. Gap and retime and install them and you are good to go. I bet your coil is fine.


Well I did get some spark after doing that, but now it seems to be intermittent. It did run for a while but only at half choke.Thanks for your help, do you know what would cause an intermittent spark?

You probably need new points. Replace them and start over. That should cure the intermittent spark. Running with choke only usually indicates a problem with the idle circuit in your carb - clean the pilot jet real good.

Put the new points in and got it running. It's cold blooded, but once it warms up, it runs ok without choke. Thanks for all your help KLP.

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