2002 Honda Rancher ES 350 4x4


hi i have a few questions and need some help. i was recently riding my quad wich is all done up with fwf exhaust and a uni airfilter a amr monster coil,and i recently got a hot shot cdi box but when i plugged it in the nuetral light still stayed on when i was in gear,i rode it for a few days to see if i noticed the diffence and when i was riding in the quad died.i used the spare shifted to get it back in neutral,but now the neutral light and the reverse light are stuck on at the same time and the electric shift wont work and its not showing what gear its in,unless i unplug the main control box,but the quad wont start anymore,so i think it might be that box which is like 700 bucks,when i got home i repaled the cdi box hoping it was that but its still messed up,should i get another shifter control box?

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