CRF150F for wife ?

Hey, my wife wants to get into riding.. she just got her moto permit, and is learning on my S90 and my XR250R. The S90 isn't really a trail bike, and I ride the XR250. How much lighter does the CRF150 feel than the XR250 or the CRF230?

Also, I will be plating whichever bike she gets. Could the CRF run the hwy for short trips at 55mph if geared up?

Is the bike a good size? She is 5ft6, 125lbs

2006-later is E start correct? any CRF models before that are e-start? She can kick my bike, but I want to keep riding easier for her




If she can ride your bike and she is comfortable, go with the 230.

Go with the 230F. I think they are all e-start? You can gear it up. (And buy her a helmet, gloves, and knee pads)

I just realized no protection. You cant wear enough gear. They have good deals for woman, boots etc. on most sites.

okay Ill look for a 230f. haha, she has a helmet, she was just working on kicking the bike over the other day. i need to get her some boots and chest protector though. she has a dirt bike helmet but she uses the stret one for road riding

her on the 650


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