Riding in Peru

CaveMike le gusta tu video y musica tambien.

CaveMike le gusta tu video y musica tambien.


Wow...is there ANY life out there? Seems like riding on Mars. What elevation change do you encounter on those rides? Carnegie in central CA is similar, but what you got is Carnegie in Death Valley.

Seems like ya want all the HP you can find :smirk:

Unreal barren Mtns. Muy Bien, Muchas Gracias!!

hi Slackkinhard,

all of the coast of Peru is like that. one big dessert!!!! great for dirt bike riding because a few miles in and you start climbing the beginning of the Andes mountains.

we get to ride in terrain that changes constantly with huge hillclimbs, so like you said we need all the HP we can get.

the best part is there are no restrictions or limits to where we can go!!!!!!!!!!


added to my Bucket list :smirk:

Can ya ride all the way up to the temperate rainforests? I can imagine an epic adventure to the top of the Andes, with real gas station stops :smirk:

you can be at the top of the Andes (5,000 feet aprox) using dirt roads in 6 - 7 hours. there are no trail tracks to go thru the mountains that i know of. then you can be in the middle of the jungle in another 5 -6 hours. it's amazing!!!!!

that kind of trip is better done with a BMW F800GS or a KTM 990.

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