I need a BIG favor!!!

Hey guys, all right?

I'm from Brazil and made ​​a purchase at Extreme Supply (GoPro camera), I tried to pay with a credit card, but they sent me an email saying the card was declined, so I made another purchase (same item), but with another credit card And so far they didnt send me email stating whether it was accepted or not.

So, the favor ...

Somebody from California, or even another state, could call them just to confirm that the order # 27513 is paid and ask when they will ship it?

The costumer name is Rosane Hollerweger,

Their Phone: (800) 499-5042

Thank you in advance. :smirk:

Go online to your C-card company, and use the online account info section to see if your card has been charged for the amount.

Any reputable business here in the states isn't going to give out anyone's info over the phone.

Sometimes the online statement will not show the most current activity, I usually call the card company and talk to someone and they will see the most current use of the card. Had to do this a couple times when I was ordering a can from FMF...

Sometime people use other peoples credit cards fragulently...I won't touch this with a ten foot pole! :smirk:

I already spoke with them, I called a phone that costs anything, I was told that the payment was not processed yet because it is holiday, will be only done on Monday,

Close the topic, please,


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