Shock compatibility on '91 XR250L

Aloha all,

Just got my first dirtbike, a 91 XR250L after many years of race rep crotch rockets. Started off with replacing the carb for a 32 mikuni and now need to replace the shock. Does anyone know what years and models are interchangeable? So far seen an 86 XR350 and a XR400 shock on ebay which are listed as being about the same length (about 15 inches). Thanks for any input,

Aloha, Phil

350's were only 83-85 in US.

Earlier shocks/springs were a narrower diameter than later setups. Later(wider) shock won't fit in earlier (talking 80 something on XR's) springs. Don't know where your L fits in there. Have them measure the outside diameter of each to compare to yours.

I think if you swap both shock and spring that you can run either.

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The 91-96 XR250L will interchange with 88-95 XR250R shocks. However if you plan on having it revalved my suspension guy told me that the L was actually a better shock to have revalved than the R.

I know you're in the middle of the pacific but Les in Washington Knows his XRs:

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