Talon hubs

Anybody know where to get a set of Talon hubs for my 08 SM? My spokes and hubs look pretty rough and I want to lace up the wheels with new black spokes and while I had the wheels stripped I was thinking of going with red anodized Talon hubs and nipples. I would like to support the vendors you guys have has good experiences with. Thanks.

I bought a set of Excell rims with Rad Mfg Eagle hubs from fasterusa.com. Excellent prices, service and communication! I went with the Eagle hubs because they were all I needed/wanted and couldnt justify the price of the Talon hubs.

WOW ! the prices are really affordable . Any problems with the hubs looks like a quality product

i have the Talon hubs ... in gold , with stronger spokes

its all about bling !

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