400cc Trail Bikes

Hi, thinking of getting a wr450f or drz400. Which is more maintenance free and reliable?

Do they both require the same amount of oil changes?

Any other bikes in that category that I should look for? I want a big trail riding bike.

The DRZ400 will be more reliable since it isn't the high comp. motor like the wr450. Also, will this be a street legal bike? Because if not, there is other options for something lighter but still powerful like a 2 stroke trail bike.

Yeah, not necessary to have it plated. I live pretty close to the trails.

I'd be glad to hear some other good options?

The wr suspension will be way ahead of the drz...ktm 400 is also an option as are the ktm 300

The DRZ is smoother and more civilized for on-road riding.

The WR is much more 'dirt' oriented, has a better motor, suspension, 60lbs lighter, and a lot more fun to ride off road.

Both bikes are stone cold reliable as hell.

For offroad, I would go with the WR, they are reliable and a better trail bike than the Suzuki. Is there any particular reason you chose those 2 bikes? What is your budget?

the issue is price - if money is not an issue get a WR or Husaberg.

In Texas you can find nice DRZ400's in the 2k range --- the same condition WR450F would $3,500 - if you can find one.

The 400 motor is bulletproof. Invincible. And fairly powerful. Never had to adjust my valves, and we run ours (we have 3) on straight CAT D.E.O. (diesel engine oil) that stuff is awesome.

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