weird clutch noise

I have about 2 hours on a new clutch anyway I have noticed that when the clutch is engaged and Im going I get a squeaking noise, it dissapears as soon as I pull the clutch...any thoughts on what might be causing it?

nothing is weird with the bike, the clutch engages fine and the engine runs perfect

I should add that there is no knocking, ticking or weird sounds besides this, at first I thought it was a squeaky front wheel bearing till I noticed it only does it with the clutch engaged...could it maybe be the counter shaft sprocket rotating slightly on the shaft when under power?

Sounds stupid but I had a similar sound coming from my bike. It ended up being one of the idler wheels on the drive chain. Pulled them off oiled them up and squeak was gone. Hope it is as simple as that.

yeah it was, I oiled the chain rollers and sprayed WD40 around the sprocket area real good and lubed the chain extra good and the noise went away! I feel like a moron!

on a side note at the same time I also re greased my stem bearings and re torqued the stem nuts and my bike feels like new now!

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