Trials bike advice

Hi Folks

I have been riding for a few years offroad/enduro.

Currently I ride a Ktm 2010 X-CW 250 and want to get a trials bike to practice on a bit and try and improve technical riding skills.

I know nothing about trials bikes, so as a first time buyer what sort of bike should I look for? (+-90kg with kit)

I will not be considering brand new bikes so am looking for a good 2nd hand starter bike.


WR450F or Husqvarna TE450 or TE510

if you want a 2 stroke then a Yz250 05 and up are good, because thats when they got aluminium frame.

WR450F or Husqvarna TE450 or TE510

if you want a 2 stroke then a Yz250 05 and up are good, because thats when they got aluminium frame.

Those aren't trials bikes...

Indeed, I am looking for a 'trials' bike, already ride a KTM 250 2t 2010 but am looking for advice on a starter trials bike.

4 stroke vs 2 stroke, not sure what the consensus is for trials. Probably just personal preference, I ride 2 stroke enduro bikes, never liked the 4 strokes.

Ride lots of rocks and technical terrain.

Many thanks

ANY of the modern trials bikes are good .. depends on what you like , and can afford or what you are able to find(not as easy to come across)near you. Try to hook up with a local trials club, usually very friendly folks !ride as many bikes as you can before buying and see which one suits you best !! Chad

i'd say the 2 strokes are easier to ride,four strokes seem to feel heavier to me and react far as pickig a bike ,i would buy the newest i could afford.trials bikes can get expensive if tou start replacing worn parts(as does any dirtbike).check compression-radiators-rear linkages-wheels,the last 2 can be very pricey.and check if you have any local source for parts for any brand too as that can be worth changing bike brands for.

Noy sure what the second hand market is like where you live but here in the UK there is thousands of used trials bikes up for grabs

I personaly would buy the cheapest good running solid platform of any make as there all much the same thing (trials bikes) and go have some fun, also think of spares and where the closest dealers is for parts

Thanks, really appreciate the insight.

.. depends on what you like ,

Thx man but I have not really ridden any so am not sure what the differences are and what I would like. Don't know to much about trials stuff I'm afraid.:smirk:

Kaos, thx, just the type of advice I am looking for:thumbsup:

Thanks Johnnyboy

Would something like a Sherco 2005 for +-$2000 be a good start?


Depends on the size. If a 250 or greater then yes, it would be a fantastic choice.

WOW!!! Nice bike! Go for it!!!! Here in Canada that bike would go for about $4000!

I think that will do the job just about perfectly :smirk::smirk:

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