04 525 exc heavy clutch

Hi all im trying to find out why my ktm 525 exc has such a heavy clutch are they all like this or does it wearing out or its springs wearing cause this, just wondered as my honda cr 250 clutch is a real one finger action?

Can anyone let me know what happened when theres wore out or was replaced as i take it the springs control the weight of the clutch?

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No one else had a heavy clutch in there 520/525/450/400 and found a cure?

Replace the 9.5mm bore clutch master cylinder with a 05-07 9.0 bore unit.

There are other changes after that you can do but that's the main one.


never heard of a hard clutch pull before on a ktm.

take it apart and look at it.

Something is wrong. I have a 9.5 on my hybrid and it's a 1 finger deal.

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