1984/85 XR200R 250R header pipes the same?

Hi, anyone know if the header pipes for the 84/85 XR200R are the same for the 84/85 XR250R? These are the dual carb models.The part numbers are very similar.

I think the 200 has smaller primary tubes. They will physically interchange though.

I've read of guys using the larger diameter 250 tubes and the consensus seemed to be that you wouldn't gain anything on a stock bike (and lose low end) but that on a modified bike it would be a nice choice. FWIW

Thanks both, reason being I've been offered a new never used set off the 84/85 XR200R and was hoping someone might know for a fact if the headers are identical or not.

My XR is the 85 XR250R, so if the 200R version is smaller in tube diameter then it's a no go.

I've got a couple of sets of XR350 headpipes if you need one. I put XR's Only headpipe on mine. DSC00071-Copy.jpg

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