Best replacement chain n sprokets for the pig

Who makes the best replacement chain and sprokets for the BRP?? Something that holds up to the pigs power!! Thanks John


I put the DID 520VM X-ring on my pig with a riveted or staked masterlink. The only thing slightly stronger is the DID 520ERV but not worth the bucks. The best sprocket is the Ironman and worth the money. There was a thread about three months ago on this - do a search and find it as it helped me with my decision. Be prepared to spend about $200 for the chain and sprockets plus another $75 for the chain tools. You can get the chain from or and the sprocket (new home for Ironman). I replaced mine at about 3,600 miles. :)

Thanks for the info I had heard about the ironman sprockets just ordered a set. I alreay have the chain tools!! This sounds dumb but all the chains come with the clip type master link how do you get a staked or rivit type link. I normaly deal with rocky mountain. thanks again for your help John :)

Can you run a clip type master link on the 650R? I run one on my 650L, and haven't spread one yet, should I take note? I don't think that I make -quite- as much HP or torque as you 650R guys.

Got the IronMan sprockets/chain combo with master link. Haven't had any issues but my motor is internally stock with only carb, exhaust upgrades. Consider myself an itermediate rider.

If you're wanting Ironman sprockets, call Matt at as he is an authorized dealer and can save you a few bucks. I just got my rear Ironman from him a couple weeks ago. Great customer service! :)


I bought the staked link at the local Honda dealer (or any dealer) who stocks DID chains and links. I bought the ERV link ($7) because that is all they had in stock (also stronger). The VM link is $5. It took me 2 trys to get the staking process down as I cracked my first one - too much muscle! DID and Honda recommend staking for continuous link chains. :)


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