tank decal method

Hello all

I might be lucky to have found out how to keep the tank decal without the problems. I use a plier with is to make holes in leather. So far I have it for 2 weeks and no bubble so far. If I find one I will open an new hole :smirk:

I use the method of Superbike Mike :

Empty the tank wash it out. Leave the cap off and let it dry. Leave the cap off mount it on the bike. Contact cleaner the outside. Let it set over night before adding gas. Make sure your graphics get lots of slits or holes. Plus they will usually make you extra sets of the tank graphic pretty cheap. Using a heat gun to set them help


Good luck


watch this space:lol::smirk::smirk:

That might be key..letting the fumes dissipation before applying the graphic, then letting the glue set up before adding gas.

When I was 17 I had a clutch lever that looked just like that pierce the skin between my thumb and index finger. 4 stitches, and a slight loss of mobility in my thumb tought me why they put that little ball on the end of a clutch lever, and why clutch levers are so cheap and easy to replace.

the lever is filed down, round basically I file the new ones about 2.5cm away from the little ball. Her they are ahrd to get anyway. And 17 is about 32 years ago:)

Let see how long the tank decal will hold out. I hope about a year.

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