Trottle hesitation and carb cleaning

Hey newby question but recently bought 04 wr450 that seems to idle fine but hestitates on acceleration and seems to run a little rough. The guy I bought it from said it has sat for 2 years. It seems to be in great shape and I am currently running some carb cleaner through it. Any other suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks

Drop bowl and clean or replace main and pilot. While you're in there wouldn't hurt to clean out accelerator pump passages in cover and carb with contact cleaner.

Mike 09 sat for 2.5 months while collar bone healed from SM get-off and the accelerator pump passages got clogged even though i drained fuel from float bowl. This happens becuase fuel still resides in accelerator pump resivoir.

I've run a tank ful of fuel with Lucas injector cleaner mixed in and it seems to have cleaned out the passages. If it'd have sat for 2 years I doubt htat would've worked.

Thanks I will give that a try.. Im guessing dropping the bowl on the WR is about the same as the CRF I got rid of.. fairly simple?

-Don't use automotive carb cleaner or you will damage rubber parts.

-Change the leak jet to 50.

-Replace the accelerator pump diaphragm; It goes bad if it sits in bad gas for a while.

-Replace the pilot jet with a new one.

- If it has stock jetting, you should get a JD Jet kit.

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