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Confession of rebuild problems~

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Whats your favorite motor rebuild oops you want to share?

My latest two on the same motor-

1) While removing the top end I was tilting the cylinder head on my 650L to clear the frame. As I tipped it one of the flat washers from the head bolts fell into the case right between the timing chain guides. I tried fishing with my magnet for a while and ended up removing the lower engine case to get it out. That was an extra 45 minutes out of my life.

The best one-

2) Fresh honed cylinder,new piston & rings,head and valves all 100% and ready to put back together what can possible go wrong? Well I had a small trace of base gasket on the engine case. No problem. I got a straight razor blade to scrape it off. Well I thought to myself "I better not drop that..." and I did just that. The blade dropped right straight down into the case. The oil was drained so I could see it between the crank throws. I thought I was smart and use my magnetic pick up tool but the razor blade was stainless steel and non-magnetic. No problem, I have my grabber pick up tool. I tried fishing for it and kept moving it around. The problem was if I moved it back to the transmission area and it dropped that means pulling the motor to shake it out or splitting the case. I tried for a while and could not grab it.

I walked away and took a break to re-group. I ended up taking a piece of TIG welding rod and bent it like a fish hook with a sharp point. Using a flashlight and my hook I snagged the damn blade and got it out. I tossed it on my shop rag (the one I removed from the case becasue it was close and I was too lazy to get a different one). I called it a day that day. The following day I put the top end together and I kid you not I grabbed the same rag with the razor blade and it drew blood.

I swear that blade was possessed.

Its all good and NEVER get in a hurry.


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It was 1978? I'd done a top end on my 76 mx125. It ran like crap! I tried a few things..

Finally i ran it down my street and something went POP!~and it took off!! I had put a rag in the exhaust port while the pipe was off. It finally blew it out.

1980?..i had bought a td-2 yamaha road race bike with a R-5 350 motor in it. I had had problems getting the timing on the points to make both cylinders to run right. I'd finally gotten both cyliders fired up,,only to "unload" a pipe full of old black oily fuel on my white 70 nova that was parked behind it. YECK!!! It took days to get it clean!!

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