05 ktm 450smr

Hey guys I just bought an 05 450SMR, and its my first KTM big bike. Problem I am having is finding a full system exhaust for it. None of the manufactures list an SMR option, so my thought is, the SMR is the same motor as an SX? I am not a KTM guy(yet!) and looking for some advice. Thanks in advance!

Yes it is the same as 450sx. Actually all big (400-560) ktm's use the same exhaust, only difference is that 450sx and smr have a slightly shorter cylinder so exhaust ports are lower. This might be a problem with some exhaust systems, but some will fit both just fine. Also the exhaust flange changed at some point, but it's cheap and easy to change if the diameter is not the same.

By the way, what is wrong with the original system?

nothing is wrong with the OEM stuff, i am just looking for a lil more power out of the thing, and i am going to start with a complete system, then move on to cams. Right now, its got a very linear power curve, very smooth, and i hope changing the exhaust wont effect that too much. So far I love the bike, it handles way better then my converted yz250f, and its a lot easier to ride too. I just want a lil more snap.

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