What fork springs do I have?

So I've put about 1,200 miles on my new to me 05 DRZ400S. I've been on every kind of surface and the front end always feels harsh. I've got the compression as soft as it will go. I bought my bike from a big boy, 250+ and he did all kinds of mods to the bike so I assume he has changed the suspension. I sent him an e-mail but did not get a reply. Racetech says I need a .499 kg/mm. Before I order springs I've like to know what I have on the bike now. Every racetech option has the same 508mm length so I assume the spring rate comes from the diameter of the spring. I just peeked under my fork cap and my spring measures 5mm in diameter. Any way to determine what spring I have in kg/mm? I looked in the manual and did not see a spec on the diameter.

Thanks in advance. pb

I think some of them are marked. I would pull the spring out and see if there are any sizes marked on them. (printed in ink) Check the oil level too. If it's too high it will feel harsh too. Maybe you could try lowering the level and keep the springs and see how that works?

Good point, he may have jacked up the oil rather then install the proper spring. I'll tear it down see. thanks pb

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