09 kx250f splitting cases problems

guysi split the cases on my 09 kx250f, now i got everything assembled and torqued, but when i run it through the gears, its like its stuck in a nuetral, i guess ill tear it bac apart to inspect but anyone have any guesses?

everythings together the tranny shifted fine after assemble, the bike starts up great, everything sounds good, but now when i shift it to first, or any gear, i cant go, BTW i have a rekluse auto Pro is there anyhting to look for?

Take your shift shaft assemble out [this requires removing the entire clutch covers inner and outter along with waterpump. Then make sure the shift sets that turn the shift drum are set then reinstall. I've had it not allign right before and it wouldn't shift till I remove it and pissed with it for a second.

well i mean it goes into gear fine, feels normal going into a gear, ima pull the clutch apart and check the clearances since somehting maybe up in there, if not, then ill do what you said. thanks!

problem solved, the clutch pack just needed soaked in oil for a few min.

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