YZ400 Opinions on best aftermarket clutch kit?

Hey guys, I smoked my stock clutch a couple weeks ago riding in the dunes. I absolutely do not want to go through the pain of being towed out ever EVER again!

I was fishing around to see what some opinions are on clutch kits and who makes the best closest to bullet proof kit for this bike 1999 YZ400F

I was looking at burnett or wiesco and I also stumbled across DP and EBC. Dont know anything about any of those so your comments would be great! Planning to do off-road (trail and hills) and lots of dune riding.


My first choice would be OEM Yamaha. DP is said to be good by some people whose word I put some faith in, but I've never used them. Overall, outside of Hinson, my own experience with aftermarket clutches has not been all that favorable.

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