***Increasing Value?***

Hello I am about to get another bike, but I need to get rid of my old one first. I am looking for "cheap" (as in under $100) items that will increase the value of the bike. Please help!

Nothing you add to a bike increases value

If it may increase, it wont be enough to get more than what you put in it back. you will lose money.

Elbow grease is the only thing you can put into a bike that will increase its value without costing you much.

armorall elbow grease and a oil change clean air filter ect

honestly just get the bike to working order i HATE going to look at a bike and the seller saying it needs_______ but its cheap. if its cheap you just buy it. ie levers grips missing bolts

Clean it up really good, rims & spokes, chain and rear sprocket, Armor-all on the plastics. Maybe new tires if yours are shot. Make it look like the buyer can go ride it, not have to spend a ton of time before they wanted to.

You could try to put on a $100 high performance set of brake pads, but you might only get that much back out of your price increase. Nothing you put into it you will ever get back out of it, except taking care of it.....


I completely agree with , any money you throw at a bike you wil never recover. However IMO if the plastics and/or graphics are thrashed a fresh set of either one or both might make it look alot better to potential buyers.

clean it like a recovering methhead that just found an old stash!!!!

sticker man...stickers.

PINK POWERBAND!!!!! it should at least triple in value

Replace that Muffler Bearing!

haha jk, make it as clean as possible and if the grips are shot,replace them. Good luck!

sticker man...stickers.


A squirt with the hose and cover it in rice power! slap stickers on any scratch's in the plastics. And blacken the tyres, also if they are a bit worn cut them square, at a glance they will look new.

clean it like a recovering methhead that just found an old stash!!!!

WOW that would be the cleanest bike in history

Good luck with that, not much will increase the value of a used dirt bike. Just be honest when trying to sell it, clean it up (air filter, trans oil, etc..) and replace things with that hundred dollars. If it needs a couple of new parts, that might be the difference between selling it quick and it sitting waiting for tire kickers. I have found that a clean air box, fresh plastics, new grips and a couple of parts here and there make the sale go smoother.

haha thank you

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