weird sudden problem

Hey everyone. So I was riding today and everything seemed to be fine with the way the bike was running. I get back let the bike sit for a couple hours because I was busy, washed my bike, then took it out for a ride to dry it. When I was riding it, the gears would hit the rev limited way too fast if I pin the gas. If I drive and shift the gears at a slow pace they will ride through but when I gas it, bam, there is the rev limiter. I also noticed my bike was harder to start. It usually started after 2-3 kicks and not now. After I kick it, it stays started. Any ideas on what this problem can be?

Have you checked the front sprocket & chain? It's possible the teeth are broken off. Sounds crazy, but it just happened to my son a couple weeks ago. When we took it off, all the teeth broke off almost looked like a washer!! He described the same thing.

It's also possible these are unrelated problems...check your valve clearances and make adjustments if necessary.

Could be that the clutch is slipping also. The starting issue either you got a little water in the float bowl or the valves like mentioned above. My kids old 06 was prone to get water in the carb. There should be a 17mm plug on the bottom of the float bowl that you can take off and see if there's any water in it. I would think by now if you ran it a while it should be gone, but it's easy to check. That is only for the starting issue. The slipping issue is totally un-related to the starting problem.

Thats what one of the guys I ride with said it could be yesterday. Now if the clutch is slipping, would I just need another clutch kit. What do I do to fix this?

You need to take it apart and measure the frictions. 2.82mm is the service limit. Sometimes the frictions are fine and the springs are shot or the inner hub is worn. Take a look at the steels between the frictions. A good indication of the clutch slipping is the steels are blueish in color. I've always taken an extra steel and doubled them up in the middle of the pack. Never had clutch issues after that.

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