Looking at getting the 400SM but how much to pay?

Ive been searching craigslist and there all not cheaply sold...the cheapest i've seen close to me is about 3,500$. My question is what did you guys pay or how much should i be looking at paying for a used DRZ 400sm?

I just picked up an 05 SM for $2500, but it has 15,xxx miles on it. I would say $2500-$3500 depending on miles, condition etc.

Depends on what year, condition, market & miles.

I paid 4000 for an 07 SM with 300 some miles for my wife last month, best deal I could find on a very clean bike.

I paid 1500 for an 02 with almost 14k. It was in fair condition.

I think he is talking about SM's.

I think he is talking about SM's.

yeah the SM edition, i know they are fairly new to the stores, but since it would be my first street bike i wanted something cheap i can toss around.

i was thinking about the sv650, but since i come from dirtbiking and it is cheaper for add ons and easy to handle i though about the drz 400SM.

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