most bottom end power

of the 250 MXers which has the most grunt off the bottom. most mid range and most top end power


theres only a brazallion threads on this.....

None have more power everywhere than the others

Any 250 2 stroke will fit what you're looking for out of all of the 250 MXers.

A 10cc headed yz 250 burning methanol outta do it.

96-2000 cr250 motor in a 07ish crf frame.

A big bore 250 two stroke....... Eric Gorr is the name and about 700 bucks is the game. 285cc will do the trick, all you have to do is tell him how you ride and stuff like that, then you will have a bike that will be a handful!

Are you talking 2t or 4t

If 4t the Yz has the most bottom and mid

HI Stu

Thanks for the info, and yes I was referring to the late model 4 srtokes. I presently own a new KTM 250 XCFW, did not get it on the practice track yet, it is all stock, As a second bike was thinking 450 for awhile but I am thinking it just might be a bit much for me going on 66yrs of age. might think of an complete exhaust system that offers the strongest bottom power. I really was impressed by a 08 RM 250 4 stroke at the track yesterday, although the rider was only 120lbs, that seemed very strong off the bottom, the rider said it only had a high compression piston with a stock exhaust, I watched him go around the track and thought it was a RM 450 till I asked what year his 450 was, thats when he said it was a 250, I was impressed.


I'd go with a KXF or CRF. I had a YZ and if you pipe it, the are great off the bottom and mid but just die past mid. I have a 08 CRF 250 now and it destroys the YZ in the power depot. And I bleed Yamaha. But I've heard that the KX is the most punchy off the bottom and solid all the way through but the CRF is the best all around.

Thanks Snowman

Next time I get to the practice track, maybe I can get someone to let me take a lap on a late model CRF250 or possible even a late model 450 Honda, I am itchin for a second bike. I really never rode any 450 4 strokes, curious if the weight will wear me down fast, I am more interested in the fun of the sport these days. my local dealer is telling me to get the new KTM SXF 350, but I have one now and want to see what the Japanese bikes are all about.



You could always get a big bore kit for a 250 4t if you aren't overly impressed with the power output. Athena makes kits for the jap bikes.

My buddy has a 06 Zook 250f and it is pretty punchy but really runs out of steam and the handling while some love it, I thought it was really skitso. However, If you are gonna buy a new bike, The new Suzuki 250fs get really high marks. I bought a 06 CRF 450 last June never haven ridden one they aren't as bad as you would think. You feel the weight in the corners but that's about it. They don't like to lay over as much as a 250. If you try a Honda, try to get one with a Steering dampener. 08 or later, Have one one my 250 and adore it. Never would have thought it would make much difference but it is the one thing I'd change on my 450.

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